Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the maximum, minimum and recommended hydraulic flow rates for this saw?

There is no maximum gallons per minute of flow rate for this saw. There are flow controls on both lines to regulate the flow to 10 GPM.  Ideally a minimum of 15 GPM as hydraulic flow is decreased when bucket or hydraulics are in motion.

Are hydraulic hoses included?

The unit does come with hydraulic hoses from the motor head to the end of the boom and are standard ½” hydraulic male fittings. You will need to provide any quick couplings for connection.

What is the warranty on this saw?

This saw has a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can I get larger blades?

This product is only intended to be used with the 16-5/16th” circular saw blade.

What is the horsepower output of the motor?

The motor on this circular saw has 21hp of torque @10 gpm.

How many rpms does this turn at?

The LimbSaw hydraulic circular saw turns at more than 11,000 RPM from tip to tip @10 gpm.