Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the maximum, minimum and recommended hydraulic flow rates for this saw?

Optimally, the recommended and preset flow rate for the hydraulics on this unit is 7 GPM, producing 12hp. This also has a flow regulator built in to keep the flow in continual balance.

Are hydraulic hoses included?

The unit does come with hydraulic hoses from the motor head to the end of the boom and are standard ½” hydraulic male fittings. You will need to provide any quick couplings for connection.

What do you do when the chainsaw does not back out of a pinch?

If the saw becomes pinched or bound, simply reverse the hydraulic control of the saw and slowly lift the loader up to raise the saw out of the cut.

How low to the ground will the equipment cut?

The LimbSaw does not have a minimum cutting height, you must always cut from the top using the weight of the saw to cut through a branch. We do not recommend cutting anything besides tree branches with this saw.

Will the square tube mount into a standard 2" hitch or is it a different size / configuration?

The LimbSaw is supplied with a receiver, nuts and bolts to attach it to the back of your loader. 

Can the LimbSaw cut horizontally?

This saw cannot cut horizontally. It can cut limbs but cannot cut a tree down.